Fulldome Projection film

In April 2019 a group of students and professors, gathered together to create a 20 minute film that will featured for the opening of the film festival in Macon, Ga. The film was divided into 3 acts, each with different themes ( nature, transcendence, synesthesia ). One of my roles was to lead a group of 20 students as co-producer and editor of the film to its completion as well as to create content for the dome. As part of our task was to test the visuals on a structure that resembles a dome, in this case we had to use an inflatable dome to start testing.


Client: Fulldome Festivals - Museum of Art and Sciences, Macon, Ga

Platform: Fulldome

Roles: co-producer, editor and artist.

Process Development

This 20 minute film, reunite different art techniques from hand drawn animation to elements done on 3-D software such as Maya, Cinema 4-D, and unreel engine. The challenge was to stitch all the visuals together in a way that could hold its continuity and capture the story we wanted to tell, “to create a multi-sensory aesthetic experience that bring forth spiritual redemption through the medium of a dome-projection.” as explained in the words of one of the producers of the film.

As part of the process, the film was divided into three different acts, where each had a different theme. Communication among each group and as the overall team was key to create a positive work environment and make this film a success. Below are some of the photographs of the stills from the show,

Source images: Prof. Reichenbach and the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, Ga.

Promotional print material designed by Paola Baiz and Diana Reichenbach.

Promotional print material designed by Paola Baiz and Diana Reichenbach.