Social Media content creator - The Haunting

In January 2019 I had the opportunity to work with a creative director from Atlanta, Caitlin Gray.The event was hosted in the cellar of the Moon River Brewery, promising to bring more customers to the brewery if the event was a success. My job was to create social media content to promote the event in platform such as Instagram. . That inspired her to offer the tourist and locals an opportunity to submerge themselves in what she calls “a sensory,immersive supernatural experience”.

Screenshot (31).png
Project name:  The Haunting
Client: Caitlin Gray Creative 
Medium : After Effects, Photography. 
Roles:  Social media content creator
Platform: Instagram

Most of the photography and videos were taking by myself and some were stock images provided by the creative director. We wanted to stay in brand as much as possible, the images and videos (that were manipulated and composited in Photoshop and after effects) needed to look as realistic as possible and the color scheme needed to resemble the dark aesthetic we were looking for.