Project name: Main-on-End for Film The Jellyfish Song.

Client: Tori McGraw, Film Director.

Medium : After Effects, Photography.

Roles: End Credit designer.


Photographs of a box were used for the development of the visuals for the Main-on-End. Since the main character was going through a phase where she was feeling trapped by her own emotions I focused on the edges of a wooden box to encapsulate the feeling of being on the edge.

The Jellyfish Song Main-on-End was made for Grad film student Tory McGraw, who directed this film written by another student Syreeta Briggs. The film is about a kindergartner teacher that was struggling with finding a mental stability and was on the verge of losing everything.

Other elements used were kaleidoscopic lens placed against bright color surfaces and close up of the electrical lights inside of electronics, that after being composited in After Effects will create this illusion of mental confusion and dissociation of the current reality.